Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winner Takes It \All

Ive been a fan of watching reality based tv shows and competitions. Its one of my guilty pleasures on my day to day life. Three reality shows has wrapped up its season , and I did followed these shows religiously all throughout the season, though i miss some of the episodes, nonetheless i could safely say, i am an avid follower.

First to end its season this year is The Amazing race season 14. From the very beginning, i always am rooting on the mother and son tandem of Margie and Luke, and fortunately they made it till the final three. However, deserving winners brother-sister team up of Tammy and Victor made in the end.

Second to take its curtain down is the finale of Survivor Tocatins : The Brazilian Highlands, my favorite TJ emerged victorious, this guy shows toughness and discipline all throughout the game. And the best thing he did in the show is when he choose Stephen to be with him in the finale over Erinn. If you look closely at it those of you who are following the show, it would seem to be easier for JT to win the million if he choose Erinn but he sticked to his closest ally in the end, but if its stephen who won the immunity, he will choose Erinn instead, a different view of the million, putting in the garbage bin his bromantic partnership with JT. Erinn tried to keep her place in the final two by trying to break JT’s trust to Stephen when the latter informed her that he would choose her over JT but it didnt matter to JT as the real warrior has a heart of his own. Congratulations James “JT” Thomas Jr.

And finally, earlier, the season 8 of the famed American Idol crowned its newest singing sensation Kris Allen. All throughout the season, Kris slowly but surely rises to fame, but Adam Lambert showed much stronger force with his originality and vocal prowess. In the end, its America that has the final say.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tripper na Tunay

Maraming nagsasabing “tripper” daw sila. Meron pa ngang nagsasabi na curious tripper. Hindi ko alam kung merong kaibahan dito. Sila ba iyung mga nakikitrip lang minsan pagkatapos na masatisfy ang curiosity ay hihinto na? Sila ba iyung mga kapanalig ng “just try everything once”? Malamang ay hindi. Masarap kaya makipag-trip. Kaya tanggalin na natin iyung mga adjectives na iyan dahil ang alam ko dalawang klase lang ang tripper. Iyung tunay at iyung huwad.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Sinulog and Politics

Pit SeƱor! It's Sinulog time once again. No plans going there because I am a anti-social person. Hates big crowds. I even don't like going to bars anymore. Been there once just for the experience. I'd prefer watching TV to see what's happenin. And speaking of what's happenin... I just notice on the tri-media (meaning TV, radio,and print) the advertisements of those ambitious politicians. Nagsulputan na parang kabute. Pa-greet-greet pa kuno but we all know na the motive. I coin it earlectioneering.

Here is an example.


Forty days and nights of rain...feels like we're in Noah's time
Can somebody explain this absence-of-sunshine phenomenon?
I don't think PAG-ASA did a good job. Call it poorcasting. They always blame amihan or northeast monsoon for the weather. C'mon, I am NOT satisfied. I've heard over the radio that there were strong winds as strong as typhoons. Yet they feel that this is "normal".

So move over Ernie Baron(+), Kim Atienza, and Mang Tanie. Ming Meows will seminar you. Watch and learn.

Satellite Image


Thursday, October 2, 2008

The 3rd CR

“There should be rest rooms exclusive for gays.” It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and I am hearing this from no other than the “Mo Twister”. Although I don’t have much proclivity towards this personality because of his unrelenting chauvinistic sensibilities, his silly ideas always trigger some neuron in my brain.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Doseful of Discrimination

For the people, Filipino or not who were victims or currently victims of the judgemental egoistic racist world we live in. I just stood up for the rest of you who might have fallen and became numb with this unfair treatment of our race. For the filipino men and women who are helpless in defending themselves in the cruel nation they reside now, I know its hard to live away from home, always think that you are not alone and God is with you.

It has been a week or so when I arrived here in Singapore, and I must tell you that so far aside from being homesick the next thing that I hated most here is that british dumb girl who resides next door. (Dont get me wrong!, I dont have grudges for british people, in fact I love spice girls and george michael)

I never thought that I could be a victim of Racial Discrimination, (actually this is a mild one compared to others) let alone be bombarded by a camilla parker bowles wannabe and her bloody friends living a door away from our place. I have been to HongKong and USA before but luckily I have never experienced such barbaric treatment from the people there, so I was really surprised that finally I had a doseful of how cruel these white people can be and of all places in an asian country like Singapore. Discrimination can really happen anywhere even in our own country, (observe how government institutions treat foreigners than their own kind)

I remember one of my mom's friend telling her story about a posh store in Australia. Being the wife of a PAL pilot, she had the luxury of accompanying him into his travels and money was not a problem to her at all. (she's a bank manager.) This store is so posh that customers are so pampered, that they just sit and point whatever they would like to buy while they are being served with coffee and expensive luscious pastries. But when my mom's friend was about to do the same, white salesladies werent cooperating and even looked at her from head to toe like they just couldnt believe that a brown skinned girl like her can afford to buy stuff there. (reminds me of a particular scene in the movie Pretty Woman), In her utmost bratinella behaviour, my tita paid in cold cash instead of using credit card to show these people that she is indeed capable and they could just die in disbelief.

Moving forward, this irritating scenario happened to me earlier today.

This tranny looking girl made my blood boil like a hot lava inside a trembling volcano. Everytime I go home its hard not to cross her chit chatting entourage in front of their badly interior designed apartment. Whoever said neon orange work well with neon green and hot pink furniture must be really outdated, what are you trying to reside in this place, CIRCUS acrobats!, the pathetic crowd always manages to throw bloody rude remarks for me and my friends everytime we pass by. It was very wiseful and civilized to just ignore it at first but that hot afternoon was extra special that I just said that enough is enough.

Me and strawberry (my ex boyfriend's long time current girlfriend) just came from our little shopping in the nearby store when we walked towards their way and I heard tranny shit telling her "yes" crowd something about filipinoes and they were laughing that its so hard not to notice how evident they were making fun of strawberry and me. (a habit they have established for the past months according to my friends)

tranny: I just dont like filipinoes.

me: What makes you think filipinoes like you?

(strawberry was holding my shirt telling me to shut up and ignore them, but i just cant help it anymore, this time im not letting them bully us and we ran off our domain looking like a scared mice.)

Her crowd shut up and you can see their jaws dropping like they just couldnt believe that I can speak in english in an american accent way that it makes them wonder how I got it.

tranny: (stood up from her seat trying to intimidate me with her piercing eyes and towering height, she was taller than me about 6 ft i think) You know, why I hate filipinoes?, its because they eavesdrop on other people's conversations and YOU SMELL RUBBISH.

This is the part that I felt like im a volcano about to erupt. my nerves were shaking like theres intensity 7 there.

me: Well I suggest you stay away from us then, Do you know that there are 90 million filipinoes living today, and considering that we're almost everywhere in the world, thats a lot of hell you'll be dealing with?

tranny: I just dont care about you guys to give you much thought, lets go inside, let these poor asians whine all day.

me: scared already? (one eyebrow raising)

tranny: Not at all bloody filipino

me: trembling perhaps? (mean challenging look)

tranny: listen, ENGLISH SPEAKING BROWN MONKEY, I dont want to deal anything with you

me: then watch your mouth, because I may purr like a cat but I eat like a tiger

At that point, she left us and went inside her apartment, probably wondering what hit her, surprisingly one of her friends apologized to us and we just nod our heads for acknowledgement, i just hope this will be the last time her crowd makes fun of us, our race and other asians as well, because the next time I hear something foul coming from her garbage babblemouth, ill make sure she gets what she's looking for, I dont care if she's taller than me, i can punch like Manny Pacquiao.

For foreigners who will be reading this post, I sure do hope so that you understand that discriminating any race is not my cup of tea, we may talk with an accent but we dont think with an accent. we may have brown skin but we know how to work hard, dont think all asians are helpless and incompetent because were educated in a third world country, if you dont have anything good to say, then just shut up and be the citizen you are expected to be brought up by a mighty nation.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gay Scene

Browsing through the profiles in G4M, you would surely notice that there are guys who would claim that they are not into the “gay scene”. I am one of them. Is that for real? I could just imagine how the “straight” gays would take that claim. Why would I post a profile in a gay community site if I am not into the scene? I went to Bed once, thrice to Government and sometimes visit movie houses where gays cruise. Am I not into the gay scene?

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